Our Team & Committees

Mr. A.M.R.A.G.P Mallawathissa

Project Director

Ms.Preethika Ranasinghe

Finance Manager

Mr. A.B Hibathullah

Senior Procurement Specialist

Mohamed Anfas Ahamed Kaleel

Professor Mahinda Wijerathne

Farmer Field School Capacity Building Specialist

Mr.Manjula Nagahawatta

Agriculture and Livestock Specialist

Mr. Upul Nandana

Agro-Enterprise Development Specialist and Youth Expert

Mr. L. Gunarathne

Social Inclusion and Institutional Specialist

MR.Rajkumar Nagarajah

Nutrition Specialist

Mrs.Safinas Inniyas

Natural Resource and Environmental Safeguard Specialist

Mr.Mahiman Weerasuriya

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Mr. P.D.C.S Lankathilake

Project Accountant

Mr.Chanaka Gaganayake

Post Harvest Management Specialist

Mr. S.N Samarasinghe

Area Coordinator - Hub 01

Dr. S.H.A. Ashraff

Area Coordinator - Hub 02

National Steering Committee composition and Other Committees DMSC DTIU

Chairman - Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries

Additional Secretary (Development)

Additional Secretary (Agri Technology)

Commissioner General - Department of Agrarian Development

Additional Director General - Department of National Planning

Chief Secretaries of Project Implementing Province (North Central, Northern, North Western, Central)

District Secretaries of Project Implementing Districts (Anuradhapura, Kurunegala, Puttalam, Mannar, Vavuniya, Matale)

Director (RD) -Department of Irrigation

Senior Forester -Department of Forest

Director General - Department of Agriculture

Commissioner General - Department of Agrarian Development

Director General - Department of Wildlife

Director General - Animal Production and Health

Representative form Finance Ministry (ERD / NPD)

Additional District Secretary - District Secretariat

Director- Livestock Planning and Economic Division, Department of Animal Production and Health

Deputy Director-Livestock Planning and Economic Division, Department of Animal Production and Health

Director (Extension) - National Aquaculture Development Authority

Senior Forester - Department of Forest

Chairman - District Secretary / Government Agent

Deputy Chief Secretary Planning

Additional District Secretary - Land

Director Planning

Deputy/Assistant Commissioner - Department of Agrarian Development

Provincial Deputy Director of Agriculture

Deputy Director of Irrigation - Provincial

Deputy Director of Provincial Animal Production and Health

District Forest Officer

District Assistant Director Wildlife

Environment Officers

Representative form Chamber of Commerce

Project Staff

Area Coordinator

District Agrarian Development Representative

District Agriculture Representative

District Planning Representative

District Irrigation Representative

District Representative from Department of Animal Production and Health

District Forest Representative

District Wildlife Representative

Appropriate Project Technical Officers

Organization Chart