“Empowering Smallholder Farmers: SARP Leadership and Awareness Workshop at Blue Sky Hotel”

2024 January 17

A successful workshop held at the Blue Sky Hotel, the Smallholder Agribusiness and Resilience Project (SARP) took a significant step forward in creating awareness and enhancing leadership skills among the staff of SARP Partner Agencies.
The event, led by Mr. Gayana Mallawatissa, Project Director of SARP, featured informative sessions conducted by experts in various fields. Jayalal Rathnasiri, an Agroenterprise Specialist and Youth Expert, provided valuable training in agroenterprise and FBS. Lasantha Gunarathne, a specialist in social inclusion and institutional matters, addressed the significance of social and institutional components in agribusiness success.
Professor Takshala Serasinghe, an Agriculture and Livestock Specialist, shared insights into sustainable practices and growth opportunities in agriculture and livestock components. The workshop concluded with a motivational program led by Dr. Ranil Sugathadasa, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sri Lanka.
This workshop marks a crucial development in the efforts of SARP and its partners to empower smallholder farmers and strengthen the resilience of the agricultural sector.