SARP Awards Exceptional Winners of World Soil Day 2023 Content Creation Competition

2024 January 29

On January 8th, the Soil and Agriculture Research Project (SARP) proudly recognized the exceptional winners of the content creation competition held in celebration of World Soil Day 2023. The submitted videos underwent rigorous evaluation by the committee, which assessed creativity, relevance to the topic, adherence to time constraints, and clarity of expression.

Pinidu Teshan of Pinidu Teshan Photography secured the top spot with an outstanding video that showcased brilliance in creativity and content delivery. Following closely, Mr. A. Vijayanayagam, also known as VJ Vijay, claimed the second-winning position with an impressive video that captivated the committee’s attention. Ms. Binuri Nipunika, known as Binuri Kaluarachchi, secured the third-winning spot, demonstrating creativity and relevance in her submission. Additionally, Ms. Anjalee De Silva, recognized as Anjalee Tharindii, clinched the “Most Viewers” prize, engaging the audience with her compelling content.

The committee congratulated all the winners for their remarkable performance and active participation in the competition, acknowledging that their contributions truly elevated the essence of World Soil Day.